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HAPP is a corporate group that has been helping to deliver your company's products to the whole of Europe for generations with the use of more than 130 vehicles.

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Regardless of company size and business goal, our fleet is optimal for any logistical challenge. We can provide up to 2-400 devices at the same time.

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We know how critical accuracy is: our 98% statistic ranks us without question among the most reliable domestic shipping companies.

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We have 30+ years of experience with challenges and businesses of all sizes. Several of our partners have chosen us since the start.


A modern fleet of 130 vehicles with real-time GPS warehouse tracking


20,000 square meter covered shelf warehouse system with 24-hour security


Success stories of market-leading companies

for which HAPP manages the logistics

„Jelenleg 27 pótkocsival, 0-24 just in time rendszerben mindent megold a HAPP”

Logistics, Electronics industry

We are engaged in production (electronic industry, e.g. computers), we currently have two warehouses on the same street. We receive a team of five people from HAPP in three shifts, they move the raw material for the products between the two buildings. We now have 27 trailers available. It was ideal to outsource the task, so that HAPP would solve everything for us. I would also highlight the just in time system available in 0-24 hours.

„Igényeink alapján kerestek területet és rendezték be a raktárunkat”

Built a suit, SME

HAPP provides us with a so-called bulit to suit service. They built a warehouse for us, they did the investment for us, and we rent this warehouse. According to our needs, they searched for a suitable area and arranged our warehouse. As a well-known Hungarian retail chain, the issue of the warehouse was extremely important to us, as we still supply the market from here. This is a joint cooperation that specifically ensures long-term growth.

„Ők szinte beköltözve a raktárunkba napi szinten viszik minden boltba az árut”

Shipping, FMCG

They manage the full food distribution of three well-known brands on a daily basis. Since HAPP is not tied to a location, our company can be located in Biatorbágy or Veszprém. They have almost moved into our central warehouse and take the goods to every store every day. This can also be understood as a social commitment, it is very important for them to help people's daily lives, to be present in the background.

Our mission

Behind every action lies an intention. There are also intentions behind business decisions and the completion of tasks. The will behind the creation of real business value is that we want to do what we do well. We gave our name to HAPP, so striving for the best is a personal matter for us.

The essence of our work is to support the correct functioning of society: when we transport food, medicine or any other goods, it is not just a job, because we know that transport is practically the blood circulation of society. We deliver not just products, but the everyday life of people.

In our opinion, success consists of two important elements: diligence and perseverance, because from these comes the tenacious, strong good intention that what we give must be excellent.

Our common value is responsibility: we know that what we undertake, we will do. And if we encounter any obstacles, we always look for ways to solve the situation. We don't look away when there is a problem. Our accuracy in arrival times and settlements cannot be compromised either.

People are constantly developing: and there is no company without people, so our company's natural desire is to be better every day. The only effective tool for improvement is learning, so the continuous training of our employees is not an obligatory burden, but our chosen strategy. Our greatest value is our employees, and it is our job to make them feel this too.


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HAPP is a corporate group that has been helping to deliver your company's products to the whole of Europe for generations with the use of more than 130 vehicles.

With more than 130 vehicles, the HAPP group helps deliver your company's products to all of Europe. We provide continuous and fast real-time reporting on the status of smooth and safe logistics.