Change careers and travel driving a real big truck

This could even be your success story

You'll be driving a modern truck within half a year. You will get to know a lot of new places (even travel around Europe) while earning exceptionally good money in your own position. Plus, we'll take care of your truck driver's license!

When you work with us, you are much more than just
a license plate number.

You can travel the world at our expense

You can drive in beautiful places both in the country and in Europe. If you take a bike with you, you can explore the world in your free time from work.

You can travel the world at our expense

You can drive in beautiful places both in the country and in Europe. If you take a bike with you, you can explore the world in your free time from work.

While earning
good money

As a truck driver, you will have an outstanding salary, which allows you to plan your life completely predictable due to the daily fee system.

According to your own schedule

There is plenty of work to do and we are planning for the long term. However, you decide how many times and on which days you will take the ride, according to your availability.

Amit kínálunk:

  • könnyen számolható, stabil szintű, tisztességes mértékű fizetés
  • 561-es / AETR rendeleteknek megfelelő munkavégzés
  • jól felszerelt, modern gépjárműpark
  • szerelvényeinket szakszervizben javíttatjuk
  • képzések és fejlődési lehetőség (targoncavezetői jogosítvány, C+E jogosítvány)
  • átjárhatóság a részlegeink között


…és egy remek csapat, mely mindig melletted áll.

Amit elvárunk:

  • C+E kategóriás jogosítvány
  • GKI igazolvány
  • gépjárművezetői kártya
  • PÁV igazolás
  • 3 hónapnál nem régebbi erkölcsi bizonyítvány
  • targoncavezetői jogosítvány előny

Vagy hívom a +36 70 313 7744 számot!


Nyitott pozícióink

Válaszd a számodra legmegfelelőbb feladatkört!

Belföldi napi bejárós

  • Telephelyeink: Veszprém, Székesfehérvár, Biatorbágy, Szigetszentmiklós, Bicske
  • élelmiszerszállítás
  • 2 műszakos munkarend
  • kiszámítható munkaidő beosztás, minden nap otthon vagy
  • Scania, Volvo hűtős-nyerges-, tandem szerelvények

Belföldi hetelős

  • Telephelyeink: Márkó, Budapest
  • hetelős jellegű munkaidő beosztás, de a fuvarfeladatoktól függően elég gyakran otthon lehetsz
  • kocsigazda rendszer
  • Scania ponyvás-nyerges szerelvények

Nemzetközi viszonylatban

  • Telephelyeink: Márkó, Budapest
  • 24/45-ös pihenő
  • kocsigazda rendszer
  • Volvo hűtős-, ponyvás-nyerges szerelvények


Success stories of our career changers

They've already had their turn - now it's your turn

„Nekem nagyon fontos, hogy tervezhető legyen az életem, a karrieremben pedig lássam a következő lépést.”

– Tamás Gál, Happ employee

It is very important for me to be able to plan my life and to see the next step in my career. In one year, I went from a van to an international 24-ton truck at HAPP. 

I recommend this world to those who really like to drive. I realized early in my life that I really like driving cars, that's where the idea came from.

I did not regret it, as I set my sights on international truck driving, and I achieved my goal very quickly. I am glad that at HAPP, in addition to the company's mission, individual goals are also taken into account and supported in them.

„Elgondoltam, mit szeretek csinálni, amivel jól is lehet keresni… az ötlet után fél évvel kezemben volt a jogosítvány”

– Miklós Magyar, employee of Happ

To be honest, I was motivated by money to become a truck driver. I thought about what I like to do, what is the job that can earn a good living. And I've always loved driving, so I just had to get my truck driver's license.

My father and uncle have been trucking for two decades. In their case, I saw that the trips can also be seen as excursions, and the money is also good.

Half a year after the idea, I already had my driver's license in my hand, and I've been working at HAPP since my first kilometer, because I was looking for a company I could trust: they think long-term, so the pay is always fair.

„Soha nem éreztem, hogy csak „rendszámtáblaként” viszonyulnának hozzám”

– Zoltán Katona, employee of Happ

I have been working at HAPP for 4 months. I really like driving, and truck driving is really exciting work and not monotonous at all. The task is always different, the destination is different, and I get to travel through beautiful landscapes. 

I can only recommend this workplace, as the managers and office workers here stand by the drivers and treat them as equal partners.

They are very nice to us and I have never felt like they treated me like a "number plate". I moved home from abroad, so I didn't know Hungarian conditions, but I didn't read many good opinions about them on the Internet. However, I was positively disappointed, I feel very good here and I would not like to change jobs in the future.

„Mind anyagilag, mind szakmailag és emberileg mögöttünk áll a HAPP”

– Csaba Elek, Happ employee for 4 years

I have been working at HAPP for 4 years. I really like driving, and freedom is also important to me, so I can't imagine a better profession than being a truck driver. that I'm away from my family a lot, so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who has a hard time with that.

However, HAPP supports us both financially, professionally and humanly, which means enormous security in today's changing world.

„Támogató hátteret kapunk a munkánkhoz a vezetőségtől”

– László Sárdi, Happ employee

I have been working at HAPP for 3 months. I have chosen this profession because I really like driving. My childhood dream came true with this job, which I am really proud of. 

I recommend this life only to calm, balanced people, as there are many bad examples and many nervous truck drivers while on the road. However, you can only pay attention to traffic if you are calm. 

Fortunately, we receive a supportive background for our work from the management, which makes it easier to carry out everyday tasks. In this way, stress arising during traffic is also easier to deal with.

„Vonzó, hogy nagyon sok országba juthatok el, és szép tájakat láthatok”

– Bálint Szili, Happ employee for 14 years

I have been working at HAPP for 14 years. I chose this profession because I really like driving. The sense of freedom and varied working conditions are important to me, and the company's management provides all the conditions so that I can fully concentrate on my work and my livelihood is also ensured.

What I really like about my job is that I get to go to many countries and see beautiful landscapes.

I would definitely recommend this job to those who like excitement and challenges, and who also want to earn well. However, this life is not for those who do not like to be away from home for long periods of time.

„Ideális, hogy úgy járom be a világot, hogy közben még pénzt is keresek”

– Tamás Hajdu, Happ employee for 3 years

I have been working at HAPP for 3 years. I love to drive, so it was clear for me that I didn't want to work in an office. I have found the perfect profession, as I can do what I love and get to interesting places in the process. If someone wants to travel the world while also earning money, this is the ideal workplace for them. In addition, colleagues are highly respected here, so I can feel safe in every aspect.

„Nagyon szeretem, hogy a fuvarozás által eljuthatok a világ távoli pontjaira is”

– Bertalan Kovács, Happ employee for 2 years

I have been working at HAPP for a year and a half. I've dreamed of driving big vehicles since I was a child, and even though I don't have my truck driver's license yet, I'm working on it so I can level up as soon as possible.

I really like that my job allows me to go to faraway places in the world and drive all day. I don't like to sit in one place, so it was an ideal choice for me. I remember the first time I drove in Barcelona. When I got back to the car I saw that they had put a wheel clamp on the car on the beach. After the initial shock, I walked into the police station and was soon on my way again. It is important that, since we are dependent on ourselves, we should not be afraid of sudden problems, but rather solve them as quickly as possible. It's a lonely profession, but it feels really good to solve the problems that arise and move on. However, I receive all the support from the office and the management to be able to do my work calmly.


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